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hiding behind masks

written and directed by

Leonard Rääf

produced by

Flook L. Nielsen

Mathias Skaarup Schmidt


Rosemarie Mosbæk, Marie Boda

& Martin Brygmann




Two long-time friends hide out at their high school over the weekend, when an unknown person unexpectedly shows up. In the midst of their escape, odd noises start echoing through the corridors. Their curiosity to explore leads them down a slippery slope of discovering well-kept secrets – about both the unknown figure as well as themselves.


with crew

Executive Producer: Daniel Kristensen

Line Producer: Nina Stern Nielsen

Associate Producer: Daniel Thomas Stroh

Director of photography: Zack Spiger

Production Designer: Madeline Mabellé

Costume Designer: Abebo Josephine Bø Getachew

Edited by: Leonard Rääf

Sound Design by: Emil Woxen Andersen


1st Assistant Director: Mathias Skaarup Schmidt

Production Manager: Sophie Hahn

Set Dressers: Felicia Sofia Jensen, Alexander Clausen, Kathy Stegmaans, Johanne Rentse, Karlijn Laurent Ruysch, Stefan Thorndahl, Christoffer Holst

Set Builder: Andreas Moses


1st Assistant Camera: Romain Malavoy

2nd Assistant Camera: Tiago Carvalheiro

3rd Assistant Camera: Tryggvi Kolviður Sigtryggsson Sound Recordists: Baldur Meitil Nick Palsdorf

Stunt Coordinator: Dennis Albrethsen

Gaffer: Lasse Skaarup Flodgaard Olesen

Best boy: Tobias Hjorth

Grip & Electric: Lukas Plesner Charlie Lyster Tryggvi Kolviður Sigtryggsson Timothé Barjou

Key Grips: Rune Wedel Rasmus Ellegård

Bike-rig Builder: Nicolaj Bak


Location Scouts: Troels Kampmann Kjær Søren Dahl Makeup artist: Abebo Josephine Bø Getachew Production assistants: Maria Wulff Christensen Flavian Mikidadi


Post Production Supervisor: Mathias Skaarup Schmidt Colorist: William Kjarval

Finishing artist: Kristopher Paterson

Compositor: Mikkel Strøbech Camilla Nilsson


Film lab: Focus Film AB

Lab technician: Nina Boriri


Subtitles by: Isabella Tvede-Jensen

Stills photographer: William Kjarval

Catering by: Chef Mania

Prop house: Wonderland Productions with Christian Rathmann & Mads Jørgensen


Special Thanks to:

Abebo Josephine Bø Getachew, Nina Stern Nielsen, Michael Haslund-Christensen, Michael Hannover, Oscar Boyson, Debbie Mason, Henriette Blix, Mette Hesselberg, Charlotte Lønberg Johansson, Maj Hagstrøm, Tryggvi Kolviður Sigtryggsson, Eliska Muchová, Karl Zakí, Claus Baumann, Stroud Rohde Pearce, Sofia Bedjaoui, Out of Focus, FilmGear Kamera Rental, Act3


Shot on Kodak Film

Color, 1.85:1

22 full minutes

Drama, Comedy, Coming of age


©Holocene Studios. All rights reserved. 2022.


Interview with Writer/Director Leonard Rääf

We all hide behind certain facades even from those nearest to us and when Swedish Director Leonard Rääf decided to use that fact as a springboard for his new short Hiding Behind Masks, it led him to a complicated yet tender reflection of friendship and nostalgia. Rääf’s original writing drawn from his personal experiences (with an added unexpected twist) is anchored by naturalistic performances from actors Rosemarie Mosbæk and Marie Boda, creating a highly enjoyable coming-of-age drama about the discovery of well-kept secrets and the bonds of friendship. We invited Rääf to speak to us here at DN about crafting a narrative from conversations he has long had in his head, the focus and engagement he finds when shooting on film as opposed to digital and the challenge of constructing the look of the film’s school location.

Read the full article here


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