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gunnar's last project

feature length documentary
90 min

directed by

Mathias Skaarup Schmidt

produced by

Helena Stefáns Magneudóttir
Wonderland Films
Flook L. Nielsen


with support from

IFC - Icelandic Film Centre
RÚV - The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service


At the age of 85, Icelandic design icon Gunnar Magnússon decides to take on what seems to be the last project of his career. Together with his daughter, designer Tina Gunnarsdóttir, the pair set out to summarise Gunnar's life through the reinterpretation of one of Gunnar's classic pieces.


This seemingly simple task sets father and daughter on a long journey to explore Gunnar's history and influence. But when Gunnar's health suddenly and drastically declines, Tina's role in the project becomes substantially more central and personal than intended. She is left to single-handedly complete her father's final project whilst being confronted with losing him.


Vesterbrogade 111 – Copenhagen

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